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Uses and Benefits of Arnica

Gene Lentz

Posted on May 07 2019

What's Arnica?

Arnica is an herb that grows in the mountains of Europe and Siberia, but may also be found in some parts of North America. The flowers of the plant have been used for centuries in medicine. 

Arnica leaves and flowers have been used to treat discoloration, swelling and pain from bruises and also after surgery. The University of Maryland Medical Center observes that Arnica has been used in the form of salves, ointments, liniments and tinctures for wound healing, to reduce inflammation and to soothe muscle aches, as well as for injuries involving bruises and sprains. It's also applied to the skin for insect bites, arthritis, muscle and cartilage pain, chapped lips, and acne.


Remedys Nutrition Arnica Products

  • Arnica Cream  This true organic Arnica cream is amazing for bruising and skin ailments. The organic cream leaves the skin smooth and silky, while Arnica soothes the bruised skin. The Arnica oil used to produce our cream is tinctured in-house. If you have tried other Arnica creams and have been disappointed, our product is the best on the market: it works and the price is not to be beat.  It holds to our high standards at Remedy's Nutrition
  • Arnica OilRemedy's Arnica Oil infusion is made from Arnica leaves and flowers.  Although salves and ointments are effective, the oil is more concentrated because it has not been diluted with the waxes that are necessary to turn the oil into a salve, ointment or cream. The active ingredients responsible for Arnica's ability to relieve pain and dissolve bruises are, in part, sesquiterpene lactones. These reduce inflammation and inhibit certain genes responsible for activation of cyclooxygenase.
  • ReviveMEThis has become simply the lotion of choice.  In an Organic Lotion base containing  CBD 1500 mg, Arnica, Menthol, Emu Oil, Vitamin E and Squaline, it has proven to alleviate and soothe what hurts. Many products make a lot of claims, we will simply say this:  IT WORKS! CBD, Arnica and Emu Oil have a long history for restoring health to muscles and skin ailments.  We found a combination that covers the arthritic and muscle soreness that plague so many, but surprisingly we find it works well with Psoriasis and other skin ailments that are not open in nature.  Give it a try TODAY!

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