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Aloe Vera and its cosmetic benefits

Danny and Luc Mesa

Posted on August 17 2018


Aloe Vera has been known to be a knight in shining armor for rescuing the skin and hair from damage and protecting it with its many cosmetic benefits. While Aloe Vera has many other benefits such as being a cure for indigestion, constipation, joints and even diabetes, most beauty products these days tend to include Aloe Vera as one of its main ingredients to provide soothing and anti-aging properties to the formula. It is thus, heavily used in the cosmetic industry.

We are also going to focus on the skin and hair benefits. We at Remedy’s Nutrition have a full range of skin and hair products that include pure Aloe Vera  to choose from, to enhance your beauty regimen.

Here is why we have included Aloe Vera in most of our skin and hair products range:


The Aloe Vera plant is from a range of cacti that has a very potent gel in its leaves. The Aloe Vera gel has got antibacterial and antifungal properties that eliminate any irritation, infection or inflammation on the skin. It is also very good in providing anti-oxidants to the skin, thus preventing it from developing age spots or the early onset of wrinkles.

The gel is thick and gooey in texture and tends to be a bit sticky at first, until it wears off after being rubbed on the skin. It has a moisturizing, calming and cooling effect on the skin. It is 95% water so it is easily blendable with other ingredients, making it a very easy ingredient in cosmetic products. It is also loaded with vitamin A, B, C and E, making it a skincare powerhouse.

The nutrients in Aloe Vera gel provide the cells of the skin with rejuvenation and aid in the quick recovery of the skin if it is irritated, slightly burned, acne ridden or facing allergies. It doesn’t have any side effects. Therefore, its extensive use in every beauty product should be no surprise.

There are lotions, creams, eye serums, masks, you name it and you will find an Aloe Vera version of it.


Aloe Vera gel is extremely effective in preventing hair fall and also in promoting shiny and healthy hair. One of the reasons of hair fall is because of dandruff and flaky skin. If the gel is applied on the scalp, it then soothes the skin and moisturizes it, thus reducing dandruff dramatically. If applied directly on the hair, it boosts keratin—the hair protein levels of the strands and makes them stronger. Not everybody has the time to use Aloe Vera gel on their hair though, but you can use our line of shampoos and conditioners that contain pure Aloe Vera extract to give the same effect.

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